LETTER TO MY EXTENDED FAMILY – who think I’m just Lazy.

You all say I'm lazy. But what you don't know is, every new day brings a new set of issues for me. Some days I can't get out of bed. Not that I'm lazy, but because I'm Sick. Sick of Living. Do you know I have Chronic pain, Endometriosis, PCOS-that also causes my Insulin resistance and chronic fatigue syndrome? I want you to know that some days I am not excited about life. I just try to survive. I want to be Okay like your children. I want to see my dreams come true, I want to advance my education - I want to make Mama proud. But I need to Stop feeling Sick first.

Shish Kebabs (Mshikaki)

Skewered meat or shish kebabs are pieces of meat roasted and served as snacks in skewers or just sticks. They are locally called Mshikaki. I however have friends who call it Mishkaki and as if that isn’t bad enough, some decide it is Mshakiki.Well I feel like I’ve had enough of those arguments for this … Continue reading Shish Kebabs (Mshikaki)

Meat Pasties.

I’m sorry it’s been long since I last showed off my cooking skills. I have been pretty busy but it’s nothing political. Politics is not my thing. I’ll stick to my lane. Food. Today I decided to try out something really nice. "vikate vya nyama."  It’s such a lengthy process but I promise it’s totally … Continue reading Meat Pasties.

Rice Pancakes (Vibibi)

So I ditched my regular pancakes made of wheat flour and eggs when I was served with these special ones called “vibibi”in a Swahili household. Yes making them is a lengthy process but I promise it’s totally worth it. Ingredients • 1 tablespoon Yeast • ½ kilo Rice flour • Coconut milk. ¼ cup FEM … Continue reading Rice Pancakes (Vibibi)

Kamba wa Nazi (Prawn Curry in Coconut)

Today we woke up to really bad news as a country. We are shocked beyond words. We are mourning the loss of Gen Nkaissery. RIP HERO. I know it's probably not the right time to eat like a King but we have to eat something to live. My lunch today consists of my favorite sea … Continue reading Kamba wa Nazi (Prawn Curry in Coconut)

My Signature Stewed Rolled Beef

The first time I was given the responsibility to make some stew for the family, It came out really bad . With some years of experience I finally managed to find a signature stew that I make for my family. It’s so easy to tell when I’ve cooked it. Ingredients • 1 kilo rolled beef … Continue reading My Signature Stewed Rolled Beef

Dishes and snacks You might want to taste during your stay in Mombasa

Besides the sandy beaches ,hot and humid climate and the preserved culture among the locals ,the Kenyan coast is also well known for the best dishes and snacks there is around here. The food game alone is enough to make you want to travel to Mombasa county. With the SGR (Standard Gauge railway ) already … Continue reading Dishes and snacks You might want to taste during your stay in Mombasa

Mkate wa Sinia (Rice Bread)

I have a confession to make yo. I’m a bread addict. I love my bread. I can’t explain how much. No matter how much anyone tells me to stay away from Wheat. It always finds its way back into my life . The first time I tried baking the famous Swahili “mkate wa sinia”( Rice … Continue reading Mkate wa Sinia (Rice Bread)

Let’s make “Ukwaju” (Tamarind sauce)

One of the food items that I always have in my kitchen is “Ukwaju” (Tamarind sauce) .I use my ukwaju in most of my dishes but it makes my Viazi Karai and Bhajias very tasty. Street vendors selling Viazi Karai and bhajias in Mombasa replace Tomato sauce with this very tasty sauce that awakens your … Continue reading Let’s make “Ukwaju” (Tamarind sauce)

To prepare coconut milk

Coconut milk is commonly used as a base in cooking coastal dishes .It smells and tastes really nice.  In my future blog posts, I’m definitely going to mention it because girl, I never cook without my coconut milk. Well it’s my little kitchen obsession. I mentioned in my Food Love post, I will mainly concentrate on … Continue reading To prepare coconut milk